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The German-Philippine Association



As paragraph 2 of the statutes of the German-Philippine Association puts it, the ´GPA` was foundet in 1971 for the purpose of promoting understanding between Germans and Filipinos, of pursuing cultural exchange and to be of assistance to Filipino citizens residing in Germany.
In serving these purposes, the GPA sets the following objectives:


To act as an organizing body among Filipino residents in the Federal Republic of Germany. The GPA has its central office in the City of Mainz. In each province of Germany the GPA is representet by a Regional Chairman, who more or less functions independently of the central office as far as activities and gatherings of local interests are concerned.
The President and the expandet board of the GPA are nonsaleried.
One Social worker / Secretary is employed.
The GPA is a non-profit, non-stock, non-political organisation. It is non-profit because there are no financial advantages dervied from its activities. It is non-stock because the association is purely a membership organization partly funded by membership fees and partly by public support and private donations. It is non-political because the GPA sets no political guidelines in attaining its goals nor does it uphold partisan political objectives. The association limits itself to cooperating with existing legitimate political institutions.


To lay the foundations for cultural exchange and enhance the same among the Filipino residents and the German citizens in the Federal Republic of Germany. The GPA has been inviting known Filipino cultural groups and artists and also has been exhibiting Philippine paintings, graphics and ethnics exhibits being presentet to the different citys in Germany.
A regular feature of its cultural program is the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day in June. This yearly affair provides the Filipino residents and their German counterparts a cultural interaction.


To act as liaison between the Filipino Community and gouvernmental institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany.
The GPA represents the Filipino community as a group of nationals playing guest to a host country. Be it a tourist, a student or a long-time resident or a Filipino-turned German, the GPA stands almost always between the Filipino and the authorities in cases of resident permits, labor permits, stranded people, mixed marriages, divorce and deportation proceedings and many more. Conscious of these problems confronting the Filipino in Germany, the GPA provides secretarial and translation service and legal assistance. The GPA informs about the German and Philippine Law.
Consultations and extendet consular services every first Monday of the month are also being offered at the office in Mainz.


The GPA publishes irregulary a magazine, the `Philippines Times´ with chronicle events both of local (German) and of national (Philippine) interests. Further, the magazine serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas among Filipinos and Germans as well.


Every member is duty-bound to pay the membership fee. For single persons and for married couples (if both like to become members), the yearly membership fee amounts to DM 40.- and DM 50.- respectively.

Share with us the feeling of belonging. Join us in representing the interest and ideals of the Filipino nationals in the Federal Republic of Germany. Join us in our efforts to meet your needs, to answer your questions, and to share the happines of being a Filipino, of being a German, and of being a German-Filipino.

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Contact the GPA:

German-Philippine Association
Große Bleiche 2
2. Floor
55116 Mainz / Germany
Telefon: 06131 / 23 27 31
Telefax: 06131 / 22 92 40
Telex: 4 187 357 rbwy d
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 09:00-12:30 and 14:00-18:30

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